TOSCA Cri8r (pronounced "Creator") is a tool that generates YAML orchestration code via a drag-and-drop interface, simplifying the (often time-intensive and tedious) process of creating TOSCA blueprints. In minutes, even novice cloud operators can create full-blown blueprints with this tool.

Key features of our Cri8r:

  1. It's Open Source -- Though currently in development and heavy testing, once it's made generally available it will be under a fully open source license.
  2. Take and play -- Unlike other topology composers, Cri8r does not tie you to our solutions. While we fully support Cri8r blueprints in CEL8 we do not put in type definitions or resource dependencies that intentionally tie your orchestration to our tools.
  3. Save and Edit -- We don't expect you to start editing in the Cri8r window and then export to YAML to further edit by hand. Cri8r is a full solution that supports import and export.

For information on early access to our test version(s) please contact us.