We currently offer SOW engagements in the following domains:

DevOps and Site Reliability

  • Configuration Management and Automation -- Salt, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Capistrano, Fabric, etc.
  • Log Management -- Logly, Splunk, Elastic Search, Logstash, Fluentd, etc.
  • Monitoring and Alerting - Zabbix, ZenOSS, Icinga, Nagios, Cacti, SaltStack, Monit, Munin, Graphite, Kibana, etc.
  • Resource Scheduling and Orchestration - Kubernetes, Fleet, Mesosphere, Heat,  SaltStack.
  • Packaging and Package Managment - Pkgsrc, pkgin, OpenPkg, RPM, Ports, DPorts, apt, pip, gems, rocks,  npm, and more.
  • Scripting and Custom Tools Development - Shell (/bin/sh), Python, Perl, Ruby, Node, Go, Lua, various web frameworks.


  • Project/Task Management -- Jira, Phabricator, Allura, Assembla, Axosoft, Jixee, Tuleap, and more.
  • Version Control -- Git, Perforce, Subversion, Fossil, Gitolite, Github, Bitbucket, Stash, GitLab, etc.
  • Issue/Bug Tracking -- Zendesk, FreshDesk, Jira, Bugzilla, Trac, Kanboard, Pivotal Tracker, Redmine, Trello, etc.
  • Test/Build Automation -- Jenkins, Travis, Gerrit, GitLab CI, Bamboo, etc.
  • Code Review -- Crucible, Gerritt, Kallithea, Review Board.
  • Continuous Delivery -- GO.cd.

Infrastructure and Platform

  • Private Cloud Builds -- OpenStack, VIO, SmartOS, CoreOS, BHyve, OpenShift, and ESXi.
  • Public Cloud Build Out -- RS Cloud, AWS, Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, PythonAnywhere, Heroku, Digital Ocean, Vultr, Atlantic.net, and many others.
  • Storage Build Out -- Isilon, TrueNAS/FreeNAS, and NetApp.
  • Cloud Service API Integration -- Twilio, Plivo, PagerDuty, DNSME, Dyn, MailGun, BrainTree, MailChimp, FreshBooks, Balance,  and many many more.
  • Capacity Planning
  • Deployment/Application Optimization
  • Architecture Review

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