Cloud EL8 (CEL8) is true pure-play open source orchestration. Manage the full life cycle of your application with a robust and flexible tool that supports multiple platforms, providers, and deployment architectures out of the box. With our TOSCA support, simple plugin API, and scalable design, you're minutes away from the most flexible cloud orchestration ever.

Key features of our CEL8:

  1. It's Open Source -- Though currently in development and heavy testing, once it's made generally available it will be under a fully open source license.
  2. Agnostic -- We target more than just one operating system or a handful of cloud providers. CEL8 can run on most modern POSIX systems including: Solaris, IllumOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, HP-UX, and various Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, Arch and more. Our target deployment drivers support: SMartOS Zones, FreeBSD Jails, Docker, Rocket, OpenStack, Vultr, Digital Ocean, Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine,, and others with still more to come.
  3. Agent-less or Agented -- We spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the right technologies and approaches to achieve our goals. Some environments are not conducive to establishing and maintaining the presence of agents on every node that's managed. CEL8 is flexible enough to accommodate the dictates of your environment.

For information on early access to our test version(s) please contact us.